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Cultists & Compounds - The Cult Simulator

Note: Too controversial for public consumption! This game has been seized by the government and is now only available to Scythe Dev Team Patreons! Pledge fealty and join Enacting Diplomacy United by clicking the link below: 


Cultists & Compounds is a FPS Fortress defense thriller

Take control of Elder Donovan as he tends to his "flock." Explore one of Enacting Diplomacy United's compounds and unearth the dark secrets behind these activists and their twisted agenda. See how they live, how they think, how they raise their children. But be weary while you roam about...the impending doom of the great collapse looms.

Enacting Diplomacy United are determined to end government corruption. This has made them enemies of the Sabit Federal Government and local Donovan City Police Department. Many consider them domestic terrorist, or even a cult. Could the collapse be riding in on the night air? What will you do when the s#!% hits the fan?

- Animated ragdoll physics system
- Multiple endings
- Low-end '90s era retro aesthetic
- Tons of ridiculous voice acting(Seriously, keep talking to the cultists. They all have so much to say!)
- Physics based gore system
- "Shred Dynamics" Audio System
- Rich, expansive lore....learn more about the Scythe Saga universe!
- Learn more about the events of Northbury Grove, King's Comfort, Walls Closing In, Entity, and Happy's Humble Burger Barn! (EDU does their research)

WASD to move
E to interact
TAB to switch weapons

Explore the compound and find out more about the Scythe Universe.
Who are Enacting Diplomacy United? 
Who are the Waste Riders gang?
What's the deal with the portrait from Al-Kanan?
And why was Al-Kanan shut down?
What really happened at the Northbury Grove Massacre?

At some point an elite squad of government mandated hitmen (SWAT TEAMS) will raid the compound. Fight them off while saving as many cultists as possible, and completing any necessary objectives.

The amount of cultists you save determines which ending you'll get.

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