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Welcome to Northbury Grove!

Northbury Grove is a first person horror / survival horror game. We are heavily inspired by cult classic horror movies from the '70s and '80s. From mainstay classics like Friday the 13th and Halloween to more obscure numbers like The Burning and Maniac.

Play as Connor, as he and Crystal search for their missing friend Grace Bailey. Will you find her? Or will you find yourself lost at the postponed Rock the Warehouse festival grounds as a killer lurks?

Use stealth as your shield.
Hide….or RUN….from the killer. 
Try not to get caught.
And most importantly - SURVIVE!

Northbury Grove is set within Jon of the Shred's "Scythe Saga Universe,” and is the first of many within a planned series of Scythe anthology games.

We wanna show our appreciation to anyone who decides to donate, so be sure to scroll down a bit and check out the rewards offered.
Free music and posters for anyone who donates $5 or more; check them out!

Thank you for visiting...Northbury Grove. We hope you've survived your stay.

  • WASD to Move
  • Click to Interact
  • F to Toggle your Flashlight
  • CTRL to Crouch
  • Shift to Sprint
  • ESC to Pause
  • VHS Effect Toggle in Pause Menu


Known Issues

Sometimes there's an issue with the VHS effect, especially on higher resolution screens (4K and above), to remedy this, play in windowed mode at a standard resolution (1920x1080), or turn the VHS effect OFF in the Pause Menu.


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Scythian Rocker

Have you decided to donate? Have you spent $5.00 or more in your donation? Then you've just unlocked a promo code for the Northbury Grove soundtrack! Use the promo code to get the album for FREE

Thanks so much for playing! Beware the butcher...
Northbury Grove Original Soundtrack

Scythian Fanatic

If you've spent over $10 you will receive the Northbury Grove soundtrack FREE of charge as well as The Specter City Slasher, the original story told of Northbury Grove's lovable butcher.


Thanks so much for playing! Beware the butcher...

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