Localization Update 1 | Japan!


That's hello in Japanese... we think.

In our first wave of updates for Happy's Humble Burger Barn, we're rolling out localization! We've been working on an internal localization system for a while now, and we're finally ready to release it in one of our games as an early test.

It's a work in progress

All of us on Scythe Dev Team only speak English. We like to imagine we're pretty cultured but in reality we're aware that the translations aren't the best. Unfortunately we don't have a dedicated localization department so we have to rely on Google Translate. But we're doing our absolute best! If some of the translations look really... wrong, please let us know!

How does it work?

It's all automated, baby! The game will do it's best to detect your local system language, and change important text accordingly. We're not able to translate ALL text, but most important UI elements will at least give you some direction.

For the time being we're only rolling out Japanese Language. So if your PC's region is set to Japan, you'll get some neat translation automation!

Stay tuned for more languages added as we go along, and let us know if there's one you'd like to see next!


Scythe Dev Team


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Apr 14, 2020

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Really cool! I wish there was also Hungarian text aswell! (Since i am Hungarian but English will work for me too)