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Senile Showdown: Arthfightus

"Senile Showdown: Arthfightus" is the result of a week-long sprint. A self-imposed personal game jam from us here at the Scythe Dev Team. It's a game within a game.

Remember the dev room in the garage at King's Comfort? This is what they were working on!

This crazy, ragdoll focused first person beat-em'-up takes place inside a retirement home. Fight your way past other old-folks, caretakers and some surprise guests as you try your best to escape! 

  • Ragdoll physics!
  •  Jon of the Shred OST!
  • Foley Sound Design that left bruises on our sound guy!
  • Breakable objects!
  • Scythe Saga Universe Tie-Ins!
  • Raunchy comedy!
  • A special satirical news report, "Violence in Videogames," featuring the voice work of Kyle Brauch!
  • All of the bugs charm of a game finished inside of a week!

Developed inside of a week, Senile Showdown: Arthfightus served as a much needed palette cleanser. As we moved onto a new stage of development with Walls Closing In, we needed a break. A momentary task to take us away, for a moment, from the unrelenting horror, gore, and bleak atmosphere of WCI(Ever hear about Jack Nicholson going a bit crazy when he played the Joker? We're gonna assume that's legitimate.)

We recommend a higher end PC to play, as there's thousands of physics calculations happening at once. A modern GPU and CPU should be sufficient.

How To Play:

WASD - Movement

Left Click | Right Click - Left & Right Punch
F - Kick!
Shift - Sprint
Ctrl - Crouch
Space - Jump

The goal of the game is to accumulate the highest score possible before reaching the end. But beware, one slip and you could break a hip... Er, lose your score.

The score is multiplied by destruction. So smash those young whippersnappers into submission!

Senile Showdown: Arthfightus has nods and Easter Eggs to many great fighting games in the past...well, as much as we could manage inside of a week. If there's enough interest, we can foresee this game getting some additional content. 

If you like what you see, leave some feedback! We'll be developing much deeper 1st person fighting games based in the future, and welcome all feedback! Jump on our discord (discord.gg/happyshumble) and let your voice be heard! Stay tuned...

And most importantly


The game automatically takes a screenshot of your high score (assuming you beat the game!), check the root folder of the games files, we wanna see what you can do!


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