Bloody Disgusting: Avoid a Backwoods Killer in First-Person Horror Survival Game

If you’re a gamer who’s also a fan of horror from the 70s and 80s, you’re in good company with the guys from Scythe Dev Team and their tribute to that era of horror in their recently-released game, NorthBury Grove. Described as “a first person horror/survival game inspired by cult classic movies from the ’70s and ’80s”, NorthBury Grove is set within “Jon of the Shred’s ‘Scythe Saga Universe'”. Who’s Jon of the Shred? A synthwave artist on Bandcamp that has put together a series of concept albums and compilations, most of which tied together in what they call the Scythe Saga Universe.

So, instead of music, it’s a game. Nice!
But enough about that. What’s the game about? You play as Connor, and you’re searching festival grounds for your missing friend, Grace Bailey. Problem is, you’ve got a deerskull-wearing killer lurking in the woods that’s on the hunt for you. You’ll have to be stealthy as you search the grounds, with your flashlight as your only consistent source of light.
As you’ll see from the trailer, the game has this weird VHS distortion effect, which like games such as Outlast, adds even more creepiness to your surroundings. If you’re keen on checking it out, head on over to the game’s page. The game is free, but if you like what you see, do toss a couple of bucks their way.

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He forgot to say that the VHS effect it's optional :P, anyway i totally suggest this game, the devs did a great job.