King's Comfort Trivia / FAQ

Much like the "FAQ" we wrote up in the Northbury Grove devlog, we are also gonna write up some general trivia about King's Comfort as well. Beware, if you haven't played either game yet, there will be spoilers below!

The Setup: There was 3 references to King's Comfort in our first game, Northbury Grove.

Closure: Although Connor and Crystal never found Grace in the first game, Trevor most certainly got closure on his sister Crystal.

Final Final Destination: This game is packed with horror references. And not just '80s and '70s, this time. We've got a nod to Final Destination in this one. Although the victims in that particular scene were in a tanning booth, not in a sauna. (And they were much nicer to look at.) Rollercoaster!

Sauna Cookin': The man in the sauna was locked in by the Slasher. But why did he have a crowbar in the sauna? This was meant to imply he was actually trying to escape the sauna. He failed.

Someone Drank Too Much: The victim in the back room of the bar should look familiar to anyone who sat through the credits. 

Keys Jammed Into the Door: The keys jammed in the door to the clerk's office are meant to have dark implications. (Like being on the boat in the middle of the ocean.) Someone was trying to escape the slasher, and was desperately trying each key on the loop they had found to get in the clerk's office. Only that key wasn't on that loop.

You Have ONE Shot At This: We thought the idea of dropping a gun into the game was necessary - to give people the opportunity to fight back. (Originally we chatted about letting Connor set traps throughout the factory setting in the first game; you would need to damage the killer to escape. We scrapped that.) But we didn't want to make it too easy. So we threw a shotgun in the mix, with only one shell. We also didn't tell players how to fire the gun, because not knowing how to fire would make it that much more panic inducing when the killer shows up. Will you figure out how to shoot before he kills you? 

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