After several months of reflecting on our games and our current trajectory forward, and in light of the current worldwide strife, we've decided to make Walls Closing In available for free. We hope you enjoy!

If you have already paid for the game, please feel free to reach out to us with proof of purchase, and we will send you a promo code to download the soundtrack for free!

Scythe Dev Team

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Thank you, Scythe Dev Team! I happily paid for this last year, though appreciate your decision to make it freely available. The Northbury Grove trilogy and its spin-offs have been unique and entertaining experiences, and the hard work and energy you've put into your games is apparent.

It was kind of you to share the soundtrack with those of us who bought the game (downloaded, thanks!). All the best to your team. Very much looking forward to your future projects!

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Thanks so much for the kind words, zakmckracken, we appreciate it! We're glad you enjoyed the trilogy and the tunes! We've got a lot in the works so stay tuned, got a lot more games in us yet

Scythe Dev Team

Sorry guys, but this game isen`t 5 dollar worth anyway. Many bugs, disappoitnig, if you played the other games before. These were Indie-Master Pieces.

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Hey Daddelkutter,

We appreciate the input. We're sorry that Walls Closing In did not meet your expectations. When we were developing the game, we were using a highly experimental and non-production ready Render Pipeline. This caused an unbelievable amount of bugs. Instead of canceling the entire year-long development of the game, we decided to push through and fix as many things as we can.

In regards to the price, we release almost everything for free, at some point the development costs catch up to us and we do have to charge for something.

I'm sure you've seen the improvement in our games since then in every aspect, and we are continually striving to improve beyond that as well.

Scythe Dev Team

It`s all fine. You guys did a really good work before. The other games, wow, just amazing! But we have an example for a bug. (Maybe SPOILER ALERT) The place where you can get the fork, we stucked there and couldn't get out. I don't want to spoiler so much. If you need a better description, I could write you on twitter or something else.

Sure, feel free to message us on Twitter!