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Hey Everyone!

It's been quite some time since we've released our first major title, Walls Closing In. We can't even begin to thank you guys for all the amazing LP's, Playthroughs, Streams and all around support you've shown us.

To celebrate this milestone, and in anticipation of some exciting new projects on the horizon, we'd decided to reduce Walls Closing In 50%. We hope this allows you to jump in and experience the exciting (and extremely challenging) conclusion of the Northbury Grove series!

We hope you stay safe, and healthy.
Much love always.
Scythe Dev Team

Did you purchase WCI at full price recently? Don't fret! We've set aside some goodies for you, just contact us and let us know <3

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Hello my name is Aarav and we have a company in which we make games.  PC game and we like your game very much.  We have thought that you become a partner of our company and you work for our company, we will put your game on Steam and do some modifications in your game which can compete with big games.  Because your knowledge is very good and you are looking very good in making games.  Because it shows how good your game is. Your game has been liked by all our team and you want to take it in the project, can you become a partner of our team and you will have to work in our company forever if  You can also leave if you want.

same i would play this. too bad i only have chromebook


hey man just wanted to let you know your game looks really goood!

Thanks so much, GameDevFromHell, we really appreciate it!